2021 Founders Day Meeting

Please help us plan for the 6294 meeting by answering the questions below.

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1)   Are you interested in participating in the Zoom meeting?

  Very interested!
  Possibly interested
  Interested, but technically challenged
  Definitely not interested
2)   Do you have any questions/issues you think should be addressed in the meeting? If so, what?

3)   Is the contact information in your profile (address, phone number and email address) current? If not, please update it.

Yes No
4)   Do you wish to have someone represent you as a proxy at the meeting? You can either select one of the Board of Directors (below) or write in your own proxy in the next question. Only one proxy is permitted.

  Bob Testa, BE 161
  John Osborn, BE 197
  Phil Santucci, BE 359
  Skip Mezger, BE 411
  Justin Schlageter, BE 911
  Chris Bria, BE 970
  Craig Whitten, BE 1289 AZ (Chapter Advisor)
  Nolan Pisors, BE 1296 (Undergraduate President)
  Justin Finseth, BE 1297 (Undergraduate Treasurer)
5)   If you wish to write in a proxy, include that name here.