New Chapter House

Beta Epsilon has embarked on an ambitious program to allow the chapter to thrive well into the 21st century.  In 2016, the Association Board authorized a feasibilty study into how to optimize the properties at 515 First Street.  A thorough discussion of the issues can be found in the section titiled "Current Chapter News" in the subsection "The Case For Rebuilding".

Since then, a decision to move forward with a new building was made.  A little over half of the existing property would be used for the project, with the remaining parcel and the Main House ultimately sold to finance the project.  Elevations, schematics and floorplans can be seen in the gallery below.

Our chapter houses have been the focus of almost 1,300 men at UCD over the past 67 years.  They have been a home away from home and a classroom where our brothers have learned responsibility, leadership, morality, intellectual curiousity, confidence and brotherhood.  But if we want Beta Epsilon to prosper in the future, it is incumbent on us to provide a safe, modern and competitive facility.

Most of us were fortunate to enjoy the support of those who came before us.  Now it's the appropriate time for us to "pay forward" the opportunities we had by securing the future for Beta Epsilon.

Through the generosity of 46 men, over $650,000 has already been pledged, almost half what we hope to raise from alumni for the approximately $4.3 million project (which includes furnishings and soft costs).  The balance would be financed by the sale of the Main House and a mortgage.


Now is the time for each of us to look into our hearts -- and wallets -- to consider what we owe Beta Epsilon and what we can afford to give.  Ask yourself:

  • What do I remember about my life at Davis and the role Beta Epsilon played?
  • Do I still maintain contact with brothers over the years?
  • How did my fraternity experience contribute to my success in life?
  • How important is it to me that Beta Epsilon continues to exist and thrive?
  • If I had a son attending UCD, would I want him to live in the existing houses?
  • Regarding a donation, if not me, who?

This is almost a binary choice.  If we don't build a new house, Beta Epsilon as we knew it will disappear.

There are two options to make a pledge/contribution:

Non-Tax Deductible Contribution - If yours isn't a tax-advantaged decision, this would give us the greatest flexibility in funding the project, as only some of the construction costs can be financed with tax deductible contributions.  To use this option, go to this link:

Tax Deductible Contribution - Tax deductible donations can only be used to fund libraries and other educational aspects of the new house and an application for a grant from the Beta Epsilon Endowment Fund at the Theta Xi Foundation would be needed to access funds for those purposes.  If you wish to make a tax deductible donation/pledge to the project, it would be best to contact Sarah Smoot, our campaign coordinator, at:

Please join those who have already pledged with your own commitment.  In recognition, an icon will be placed next to your name on the Brother Profiles page.  You can see those who have already made a pledge.  The icon is a white "thumbs up' against a blue circle.  We have also recognized them in the gallery below according to the levels of their contributions.  This will be updated periodically, and major contributions will be sent to you as a "Donation Alert".

Thank you in advance for your generous support!