Minute Book Excerpts

Selected Excerpts From the Beta Epsilon Minute Books

Academic Year Fall 1952 – Spring 1953

May 31, 1952 – Inaugural Practice Meeting of BE of TX.  The meeting was opened at 4:45 PM in the Empire Room of the Senator Hotel.  Br. Mumby reported that the Chapter Room which was started one month ago was completed last week.

June 2, 1952 – The first meeting in the CR was opened by Br. Seaver at 7:00 PM.  Br. Luhdorff moved that the chapter president and every incoming president be awarded a gavel, inscribed to him from BE.  Br. Rautenbush moved to give the cook a 50 cent/day pay raise. [!]

Sept 22, 1952 – Br Luhdorff moved that a maximum fine of $5 be levied on those not present from work upon return for the fall semester.  Br. Mumby moved that his fine be cancelled.  Motion failed.  Br Atkinson moved that we accept Sack as the house dog.  Carried.

Oct 6, 1952 – Pledge duties were discussed and a committee established to give recommendations.  Br Atkinson moved to have pledges come in the back door rather than the front.  After discussion, finally carried.

Oct 13, 1952 – Br Luhdorff mentioned how well the pledges had responded to their duties around the house and that he was running out of work projects for them.  Br Atkinson said our social rating is nil on campus and we should make the upcoming dance a real success.  Regarding food for pledges on Monday night, is was suggested we set a rate of 50 cents for each Monday meal.  Br Kelly said he saw Mr. Wray about renting his house.  Mrs. Bryson would occupy the downstairs and the upstairs would be available for our pledges and members.

Oct 13, 1952 – Location for the formal would be at Johnson’s Del Prado ($4.25/plate for a prime rib dinner).  A three piece combo would be $54.  Holdover pledges would be initiated the Friday night before the formal.  Br Kelly reported that Mr. Bryson is planning to rent the house next door from the Wrays.  Chico State rally will be held on November 14.  Br Douthit moved we buy a 50-foot garden hose.  Carried.

Oct 27, 1952 – Br Shepherd gave a report on the Chico Rally skit, which was based on a smash hit in England, including words to a song that would accompany it.  Br Kelly complained about dirty dishes in the sink when eating late.  Br Lederle was one of the chief offenders.  Br Hill suggested the House buy an adding machine, now or soon.  Br Jackson said alumni members should be invited to the social events and that new members be made to learn the secrets before they are granted voting privileges.

Nov 3, 1952 – Br Wittstrom reported that pledges are getting lax on wearing pledge pins and moved they should be fined in the sense of work (not money).  A half hour for each offense.  Carried.  Br Czueleger moved that we get some dishes for the dog and if anyone is caught feeding him out of our dishes be fined $5.  Carried.

Nov 10, 1952 – Br Scheuber moved we buy two pages in the El Rodeo [House pictures].  Carried.  Br Norm Hackett said the House would be responsible for the Picnic Day dance next semester.  Br Scheuber appointed Br N Hackett as dance chairman. [Sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut}

Nov 24, 1952 – Coats will be required on Monday night dinners.

Dec  1, 1952 – On a discussion of vacuum cleaners, Br Holm, speaking from experience, said the Levitt cleaner was the best for our needs.  Regarding the Bryson house, brothers would be selected by the numbers for rooms, OK’d by the president and chapter advisor.  Workdays scheduled for Dec 3-4 by actives and pledges.

Dec 8, 1952 – Br Barth moved that the Quartet cut a couple of records for the house.  Br Atkinson moved that pledges have their meetings upstairs Bryson and be sent up before meeting time.  Carried.  Br Mumby moved that the House subscribe to Life magazine.  Carried.

Dec 15, 1952 – Br Kelly moved we buy a step stool for the kitchen.  Carried.  He also moved that a committee purchase living room furniture that we can afford.  Carried.

Feb 13, 1953 – Br Barth announced a work day Sat, Feb 14.  Lee Taylor listed several ways to improve and strengthen our chapter, including: 1. Increasing membership to no less than 50 members; 2. Improvement of table manners; 3.  Carrying out “Help Week” which would entail performing some useful service for the community.

Feb 16, 1953 – Br Douthit moved the Scholarship plaque presented to this chapter by the Tau chapter be started with the man with the highest GPA for Spring, 1952.  Carried.  President Luhdorff appointed Br Port to be chairman of our contribution to the Senior Beard Growing Rally.

Feb 24, 1953 – Br Mumby suggested the house give a party for our 4 brothers (W. Hackett, Sever, Shepard and Schuber) who are soon leaving to join in the crusade for freedom.  Br Wittstrom brought up the question of securing robes and said his wife would look into the matter.  Pres Luhdorff said Br Herrig would “foot the bill” for tablecloths to be used at the dinner table.

Mar 2, 1953 – Publicity Committee stated articles have been prepared and sent into the Cal Aggie and that preliminary plans and work had begun on the forthcoming issue of the Theta Xi Bulletin.  Br Mumby moved a Marian Blue Grass lawn be completed by the following Saturday.  Defeated.  Br  Czuleger was appointed to obtain seed.

Mar 9, 1953 – Br Mumby suggested someone be appointed to see our charter was properly framed.  Br Mumby was appointed.

Mar 16, 1953 – Social Committee stated the upcoming formal would cost approximately $12/couple.

Apr 13, 1953 -  Br Kelly mentioned that table manners were getting rather poor and that the fines called for in the by-laws be levied.

May  4, 1953 – Br Heuschlele wants 16 men for a chorus.  Auditions will be held on Tuesday.  This is for the Spring Sing.  Br Hill moved that Bill Clarke be given our piano for hauling it away.  Br Mumby amended that we check with Doc. Jackson to see about a replacement before we remove the old one.  Carried.  The pledges were put in charge of our Memorial Day trip to Tahoe.

May 11, 1953 – Brs Port and Hueschle were not able to continue their positions as head of Spring Sing.

May  25, 1953 – Br Hackett stated 25 men were already lined up to live in the house next semester.  He also suggested each man, upon becoming a member sign a pledge that if he ever leaves the house with a bill due he will be subject to small claims court proceedings.

June 1, 1953 – Br Edgar moved that the men return by noon of Sept 14 ready to work and that a fine of $3/day be levied for absences.  Carried.  Br Douthit stated the living out problem was to be discussed at the Association meeting and that all interested should attend.

Academic Year Fall 1953 – Spring 1954

Sept 17, 1953 – A special meeting was held to vote on Russ Riley, John Hardie and Lewis Brown as prospective pledges.

Sep 21, 1953 – Br Hackett moved the following be added to our by-laws: “Every man be told at the time he pledges that he must live in the house one semester which will include 6 weeks during his pledge period.”  Carried.  Br Kelly stated he learned at the National Convention that the ritual is highly stressed in the Eastern chapters.

Sept 28, 1953 – Ice Box Committee reported we obtained a 42 cubic foot refrigerator of $483. President Hill commented on table manners and said he would read a list of same at our evening meal on Sept 29.  Br Know was requested to write Nu Chapter about the organization of their Mothers’ Club.

O ct 12, 1953 – Robe Committee moved Mrs. Wittstrom be hired to make the robes for $8/each.  Carried.  Br Kelly moved a maximum of $2.50 be set in the purchase of favors by the formal.  Carried.  Br Knox reported we have 24 actives and 15 pledges. 

Oct 19, 1953 – Br Kelly reported we now have dishes for 48 people.

Nov 2, 1953 – The formal will cost $12.50/man (based on 30 couples) with the House paying $25 for the band.  Br Herrig will be given free admission in appreciation for all he has done for the House. Br Port stated a skit titled “Dr Magoo and the Near-Sighted Veterinarian” was being prepared for the Chico Rally.  Br Edgar moved the House assume the $25 difference between the Travis A.F. Band and the Union Band.  Carried.  Br Mitchell moved anyone getting one or more cinches be assigned to study table at the discretion of the Scholarship Chairman.  Br Kelly suggested that the unnecessary commuting to Mrs. Bryson’s be terminated.  [Cookie had a teen aged daughter living with her, which may have been the reason.]

Nov 11, 1953 – Dr Jackson was proposed for honorary membership and the vote carried.  Mr. and Mrs. Campbell are planning to take care of the rug situation for the House.  Br Port announced the Chico Rally skit would be called “Chicken Licken”.  Dr Jackson announced he was retiring as Chapter Advisor. [?!]

Nov 16, 1953 – Br Walwick was to figure out at board bill for his care of “Satch” during last summer and present it at the next meeting.  Br Hackett reported we were losing money on room rent.  It was moved the rent be increased $2/month.  Carried.

Nov 23, 1953 – Br Barth moved a flat charge of $72/month be charged for meals, with exceptions for men who don’t eat lunch.  Carried.

Nov 30, 1953 – Br Kelly stated the cost of the Thanksgiving holiday party was 50 cents per attendee.

Dec 7, 1953 -  Br Port suggested a different member each week bring Mary Dye to Monday night dinner so she could become better acquainted with all of the brothers.  Br Atkinson said the presentation of the history of the Chapter made a deep impression on the pledges and that similar presentations should be made to all future classes.

Dec 14, 1953 – Br Heuschele reported all Christmas gifts were acquired for the needy family and would be presented to them on the 21st.

Jan 4, 1954 – Br Barth reported that Dr. W.T. Jackson had accepted our offer to become an honorary.

Jan 11, 1954 – Br. McCune brought up the problem of North Hall girls knowing where the Chapter Room is.  Br Walwick commented on clamping down on eating food from the kitchen.  Br Hackett said he though there is too much fining going on.  Much discussion followed.

Feb 15, 1954 – Dr Jackson will be initiated on Friday, February 19.  Br Atkinson asked what has been done on the rules for pledges.  So far, nothing.  Br Purciful requested to be put on the Scholarship Committee as it might help his own studies by having to set an example.  Request granted.

Feb 25, 1954 – Br Barth said the city engineer had looked at the basement and gave his OK as a study room for 2-3 men.  He said the furnace and water heater could be walled off and separate ventilation add or extra windows to take care of possible fumes.

Mar 8, 1954 – Pledge Day.  Discussion was around what we as “pledges” should do to the “actives”.  [I guess they didn’t catch them on their sneak]

Mar 22, 1954 – Discussion on the Picnic Day float.  April 7 was the date set to have some girls over to help make flowers.  [Historical note: on this date I celebrated my 10th birthday – Dave Fitzharris]

Apr 12, 1954 – Br Jackson gave a scholarship report from the Dean’s office.   There are 12 actives and 2 pledges receiving cinch notices.  Much discussion followed.  Br Jackson will meet with a  committee to discuss what can be done to foster better study habits in the House. [Turpie strikes!]

April 19, 1954 – An exchange with a Sac State Sorority will be held on Saturday night, May 22.  Ideas were discussed for our booth at the IFC carnival: 1.  Basketball throw; 2. Nail pounding; 3. Bell ringing with Br Wade as the bell.  Moved that the pledges put on the Spring dinner dance.  Carried.

May 19, 1954 – Br Barth brought up the name of Vic Kondo as a possible pledge.  Since he is an Oriental there were some questions about how we would be affected.  In the discussion it was brought out there are no prejudices here in the House but there might be on other campuses and places.  Some of the fellows who have had close contact with Orientals said they had had no trouble in social life.  It was suggested that we should find out what the National’s policy is.  Brs Sheesley and Rivers will inquire.  [A sign of the times.  Nine years after WW II and one year after the Korean War.]

May 24, 1954 – Br Douthit requested the minutes pertaining to Vic Kondo be read.  He was again brought up, with some still thinking an Oriental might affect future pledging.  Br Hackett said if a future pledge doesn’t want to live with an Oriental he shouldn't be a pledge.  Br Atkinson brought up the point that Vic hasn’t been to the House twice so we can’t vote on him yet. [No additional entries on this matter were made.]

June 2, 1954 – A vote was held for Dr. Kussard as a possible honorary member and for Vic Kondo as a pledge.  Both were passed.