Brotherhood Poem

What Is This??

Theta Xi Brotherhood Revisited


Lenny’s now “Len”;

It’s now “Howard” Blair.

Now is not then;

Does anyone care?


And now, from Down Under

Another name switch

(Should anyone wonder?)

It’s “Richard”, not Rich.


The guys I recall

Are still in their youth:

Strong, standing tall,

Not long in the tooth.


Bellows from Nyk;

Matt leads a cheer;

Buck does his schtick,

Conning anyone near.


Osborn and Ike

Make up half the quartet,

Singing chords at the mike

I will never forget.


At Tim’s stupid jokes

Lee shows appreciative mirth;

While Harris just stokes

His ballooning net worth.


Our brotherhood weekend

Allowed us to see

How much we depend

On each fond memory.


And ponder the fork

Some bro’s took at the start

Like Campbell and Roarke

And Lindner and Hart.


And cherish the gift

Of Jim, Dennis and Dick

Whose lives were too swift

But their memories stick.


And wonder with pride

At Steve Forster’s bent

To put fear aside

With his life nearly spent.


While decades have flown,

And we face the Beyond,

We’re never alone.

Our unbreakable bond.