Alumni Sentiment Survey

Time is getting short for finalizing plans for the new chapter house.  The purpose of this survey is to assess current alumni support for the building project and to determine if there is a possibility of receiving additional financial commitments beyond what has already been received.

Please take time to give us your thoughtful answers. 


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1)   How important is Beta Epsilon to you?

  It was very important to me as an undergraduate and I still cherish my memories.
  I look forward to the BE Lines and other communications about the House.
  I'm encouraged by the progress the current chapter has been making.
  That was a different time in my life. I'm not interested in the fraternity anymore.
  I was unhappy with my experience at Beta Epsilon and don't want anything to do with it.
2)   Do you think you have been kept well informed about Beta Epsilon? Is there anything about the chapter's current situation you still have questions about? Has that affected your opinion about the House?

3)   What specific concerns, if any, do you have about the chapter?

4)   Are you in favor of the effort to rebuild the chapter house? If not, why not?

5)   Have you already made a contribution or pledge to the campaign (either to the Theta Xi Foundation or the Building Fund)?

Yes No
6)   If you have already made a pledge/donation, would you consider increasing it?

Yes No
7)   If you support the construction but haven't yet made a commitment, what are your concerns?

  Concerned about the chapter's relations with UCD/Greek community.
  Concerned about the chapter's ability to attract sufficient members.
  Don't like selling part of the property.
  The building cost is too expensive.
  Can't afford to make a contribution.
  Wife won't support a contribution.
  Personal issues.
8)   If your answer to the previous question included "Other", please explain.

9)   If your concerns could be satisfied, would you consider making a contribution?

Yes No
10)   If you were to give a contribution, how much would you be willing to give (This is not a commitment and your answer will not be published)?

  Less than $250
  Over $10,000
11)   Do you know of any other brother(s) who you think might be willing to contribute to the building program? If so, who?

12)   Would you be willing to make a joint contribution with some of your brothers? If so, who?

13)   Would you be willing to contact others to encourage them to donate?

Yes No
14)   What is your opinion about selling the Main House to help finance the project and minimize the mortgage?

15)   Do you have any suggestions about other ways to finance the construction of the new house?

16)   Do you have the experience/contacts to work on developing the Main House property (so we wouldn't lose ownership)?

Yes No
17)   If so, would you be willing to help with this project? If you know of anyone with the qualifications and willingness to assist us, could you provide us with names?

18)   Do you have any other comments about Beta Epsilon and/or the new Chapter House construction project?

19)   Would you be interested in viewing Association Board meetings on Zoom?

Yes No