BE Mentoring Survey

In many universities and fraternities, alumni support in career assistance and "connections" is an important perk provided by the organization.  In some cases, it is an extremely powerful tool to extend influence.  But it is only of value if it is embraced by the whole organization and viewed as both a privilege and a responsibility.

At Beta Epsilon, this concept has never really been seriously considered.  This survey is to determine if there is sufficient alumni interest in a "formal" program to mentor BE actives or graduates to facilitate their careers by providing leads to job opportunities or career advancement and whether we should consider developing such a program.

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1)   If a mentoring/referral program were established to help BE actives and recent graduates launch their careers, would you be willing to participate?

Yes No
2)   Are you in a career field that has opportunities to provide leads or referrals, and/or is your organization able to accept eligible applicants?

Yes No
3)   If you would agree to mentor someone, how would you envision your role and responsibilities?

4)   Do you have contacts outside your organization that might be willing to interview recent graduates?

Yes No
5)   What is your industry/profession?

6)   In what geographic region do you work and where do you have potential contacts (either in your own profession or through friends in other careers)?

7)   What is your employment status?

  Professional (Doctor, Attorney, Vet, CPA, etc).
  Executive/Manager for a Corporation
  Business Owner
  Civil Servant
  Retired or Semi-retired
8)   If you are currently a student or recent graduate, and interested in this program, how could it help you? What career are you planning to pursue?

9)   Do you think the program is a good idea? Do you have any alternate suggestions?

10)   This is a new idea for Beta Epsilon. Do you have any suggestions on how to launch it and make it work?

11)   Are there any other questions that should be included in this survey?