Achievements and Activities

I have combed through the Profile Pages of all brothers who completed that part of the website's registration process and summarized the data by "Century" (i.e. BE 1-99 is the first century, BE 100-199 is the second, etc.).  I grouped the information into the categories below.  You can click on each link to see its summary.

Since the number of registrants varies from one century to another, I have shown the number of participants as a percentage of total registrants for each century, which is a fairer way of gauging performance.

Looking at the Degrees and Professional Designations, the percentages are pretty strong for all centuries.  In fact, the strongest were in the 5th, 6th and 10th centuries.  However, those percentages are based on considerably lower numbers of registrants.

With respect to the other categories, student participation is much stronger in the first 3 centuries.  This probably is to be expected in light of the rapid growth of the student population.  It would be harder to be a "Big Man On Campus" when the campus holds 10 times more students.  And there is probably a lot more academic competition at UCD today, which may discourage on-campus activities (I'm being kind, here).

Also, Turpie had a lot to do with encouraging campus partipation as well as encouraging us to rush student leaders, scholars and jocks, so rushing strategy had a lot to do with the types of actives we had.

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