BE's 701 - 800

Photos contributed by David Fitzharris

In 1988, I was a Freshman on campus.  I got bids from the Pike house (PKA), The SAE house and Theta Xi.  I was a jock.  SAE was the jock house, and the Pikes were a close second in terms of athletes, cool guys, parties, and women.  But I was also a legacy at TX.  My brother was an Alpha Nu at USC so I felt obligated to check out Theta Xi.

The TX guys were nice but they were all about their newly remodeled house, their highest grades on campus, their philanthropy, etc.  It was still "wet rush" then and I appreciated the beer but I wasn't yet sold.  There was 10 times more beer at the other two houses.  But I met a couple exceptional people.  The TX guys were all solid but Bill Jazbec and Jeff Saveedra were remarkable in that they were bright as hell and partied harder than hell.  I obviously met the rest of the crew and bonded but these two, along with the general program at TX sold me.  I figured I might graduate if I joined TX.
They told me about little sister rush, where girls from campus would come to our parties and petition to be adjunct members of the fraternity.  Their job was to come to our parties and simply be welcome, familiar girls around the house.
I'd met a couple of the current little sisters, and they were nice, but when little sister rush happened in 1988, my mind was blown.  400 girls showed up that night and we had about 60 brothers on site.  I submit that there has never been a better ratio afforded any man in the history of the world.  Imagine 5 girls at once fawning over you, anticipating acceptance that only you could offer.  You could only get a few names, and hardly match them with faces.
The next day, we had to vote on which little sisters would make the cut.  Invariably, an innocuous name like "JEN" would come up.  A brother would say, "Yeah, Jen, she was super hot, I talked to her for half an hour, we need her..."  That would be seconded, "I talked to Jen too, definitely..."  Then our Little Sister Rush Chairman would say, "well, there are 8 Jens on our roster...anyone have a last name?"   All 8 Jens were accepted for lack of a remembered last name...just so we could get the right one!

-- Rich D'Allisio (BE 0739)