BE's 601 - 700

Recollections from Scot Sandstrom (BE 669):

  1. Who remembers Cookie?  Do you have stories to share?  When did she leave?  Who took her place? I know my sophomore/junior year 1984/85 Cookie was replaced by I think a lady named Sharon or was it Carol? Cookie was funny and had a wickedly crude sense of humor. Sharon was very nice and bit overwhelmed by the TX BE bros, but soon adjusted.
  2. How about Turpie?  We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to him for his dedication to BE.  Do you have pictures or stories? Turpie was a very dedicated old school gentleman  that was deeply committed to to making the bros of BE into good quality men. He had a bark and a look that if he gave you, you felt perhaps it was time to get serious and shape up. But he also had wisdom, a sharp wit as well. I had only one of those occasions when my pledge bro indulged a tad bit much and we had to visit the on campus med center (which is no longer there on campus ... this brother also was on the front lawn of my wedding reception years later being held upside down by my other pledge brothers in attendance as my new Boss, my Boss' Boss, and my Boss's Boss's Boss and their wives all exited the reception to him projectile vomiting on the lawn-God love your pledge bros!). Turpie was pissed off and tore up our pledge class up and down about our responsibilities as a BE (and rightly so!!).
  3. And, of course, our House Mom, Lorena Herrig ... who's still going strong in her mid-90's.  Did any housemother replace her?  If not, how did the loss of a housemother impact the Chapter? By the time I joined, we had no house mother, so no reference to go by.
  4. Were you around when the House won a National Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Chapter? Heck yeah, I think we won MT every year I was in BE from 1983 to 1987. Just take a look in the upper Bryson conference room as (I think) all those MT awards are hanging up there as a tribute to how strong the TX BE chapter was during our (my) era of 1983 to 1987. 
  5. Who was there when houses were remodelled and the sleeping porches disappeared?  Any stories about the communal sleeping quarters? I was lucky in getting only 2 man rooms in Bryson and had a great experience. The houses were remodeled shortly before I joined, so I got to enjoy a great house. I thought we took good care of the houses and for the most part left them in decent shape during my time. Sleeping in the basement as pledges was never fun as late raids by the actives with hoses or pink bellies made sleep a rarity.
  6. What were the parties you remember? Exchanges were awesome. DG and Alpha Phi's were great as themes were always fun. Maybe a recent Nevada run might have had the Everclear make it into the punch! Our formals were awesome after a some what long bus ride to the lower Delta River at the Grand Island Mansion and staying at the night at the Ryde Hotel down the way off the levy. I remember one memorable time when my big bro fell through the roof of the hotel with his feet dangling in my hotel room, I laughed so hard I fell out of the bed!   
  7. When were Little Sisters added?  How did that work out?  Do we still have them? We had lil sis' already when I joined and it was great. Most were fun and enjoyable to hang out with. They attended our pledge retreats and often were a good guide on what to expect in our coming years as a Bro of BE. Educational to say the least!
  8. Who remembers the last time there were pledge sneaks?  If you went on a pledge sneak, where did you go?  Were you caught?  What were some of your clues?  Whatever happened to Simonoff? We did pledge retreats, not sneaks. Ours was down to Bodega Bay. First time my Mustang was smoked going down the curvy roads into the Bay by my pledge bro's VW GTI! 
  9. Do you have favorite stories you tell about your fraternity days?  If you think they're not fit for publication, try me! One particular night, some firecrackers may have made it back to the house. After a few bottle rockets were lit off, Davis Police decided to show up. From the main house balcony over the baskedt ball court, one of those bottle ockets may have allegedly been shot off in the near vicinity of an Officer of the Law. Geez, 5 minutes later we were like a COPS episode with every cop in town showing up. Being the junior lawyer that I thought was (and probably the only sober one at the moment as I had just walked in from a date), I was selected to answer the main house front door on the porch and chat with the City of Davis' finest in Black. They REALLLLYYY wanted to search the houses. That was not good. I calmly explained that no eminent threat was being posed, the officer did not identify himself when he came on our property,they had no warrant, and other finer points of law that I thought was well founded and with strong legal merits. Pretty proud of myself actually. Well, the 6'5" 250 lb officer did not enjoy my legal soliloque, and proceed to thumb his 5 D battery black Mag flashlight on my the center of my chest saying that if I did not let him in right NOW, he was going to hogtie me and throw me in his squad car not too gently (some rather foul language was also apart of the reply). I felt those deep bruised thumps on my sternum for weeks, but for some crazed moment of my naive youth, I held tough (with my knees shaking) and thankfully a sergeant with a sense of humor showed up and backed off the Godzilla officer from pummelling my ass all over that porch!   There are soooooo, sooooo  many stories. Another down the road if you liked this one.
  10. Which brothers were the student leaders in your era?  Earl Petrie was our President and I had a ton of respect for his leadership. Pledge Bro Ron LaValley was President in my lat year and respected the job he did. Jocks? My pledge Bro Ron LaValley was on the Rudby Team. He had the first ACL replacement I ever had heard of. Tom  played on the Football team and we shouted RUDY like chats to get him into the games!!
  11. How was the House viewed by other students and faculty during your era?  What was your reputation with other fraternities/sororities? Theta Xi was held in high regard and I truly mean that. Turpie keep us connected with the Faculty with a Faculty dinner night and we held up our grades as a house as one of the highest in the Greek system. We conducted ourselves well and we kicked butt on Greek intramurals (winning softball, flag football, floor hockey) and talent show (Gutwalls had some serious pipes!!). I know most sororities thought well of BE. Maybe the Tri-delts liked Sigma Nu better than us, but D's and Alpha Phi's and AXO we were tight with. We could study hard, play hard and still be decent guys.     
  12. Who remembers the Faculty Roundup functions? I remember the invites to dinners and having the faculty say some words to us in the dining hall, but not much else?
  13. What did you like the most about your Beta Epsilon experience?  What would you have changed? The brotherhood, the laughs, the bonds do really mean something. I have kept some of those bonds still, but hold fondly my memories of many more. Pledge class events like wading through Puta Creek at 2:00am to win capture the flag over the Actives, to cow tipping, arranging white painted rocks on the causeway, or riding the rails to Oregon and back (not me, but several bros did while freez'n their asses off and calling me at the wee hours to pick them up in stranded in Woodland). Sharing time with the Brothers of Theta Xi Beta Epsilon Chapter was a truly good time. Other way back tidbits such I saw the first Apple iMac with a Epson dot matrix printer at the house that Bob had. We read Byte magazine. We waited in long lines at 1:00am to sit in computer labs to log into the central Unix servers named Harpo, Chico and Groucho. You saw green screen letters in your sleep. Once I got my Osborne portable computer (haha-if you thought a grey 40 lbs suitcase was portable) hooked up to my phone line with a 300 baud modem at the house, I thought I was way too high tech!!  
Thank you,
Scot Sandstrom
BE 669

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