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I was a member of the Winter Quarter pledge class of 1972.There were eight of us in that class, and we couldn’t have been more different—we defined the perception of Theta Xi as “Theta Zoo”! But during our initiation, we demonstrated a unity that was as unexpected as it was outrageous.

We had completed the work portion of the initiation process, and had experienced all taking a shower at the same time in the downstairs Bryson shower, one bar of soap and two minutes of water. Once dressed in our underwear, we were escorted off to the Jackson sleeping porch to get (what we thought would be) some sleep, while the brothers prepared for the formal initiation ceremony.

As we were laying on our beds, one of our brothers, Jeff Dickey, made the statement that “we need to show these guys that they haven’t gotten to us, that we are still strong!”, and he suggested that we all run down the outside stairs and take off around the block.

The next thing the brothers knew, we had, right before formal initiation, escaped from Jackson, all of us in a variety of tighty whiteys and boxer shorts, and were running as fast as we could through downtown Davis! We ran through the State Market parking lot, and from the restaurant across the street, our pledge master, Jack Scroggs, saw his whole troop race down the sidewalk, somewhat clothed. We ran down past the movie theater, made a right turn, came up First Street, ran past numerous dumbfounded brothers on the front lawn wondering what the heck had just happened, and scampered up the Jackson outside stairs, back to the sleeping porch and onto our beds. We felt triumphant and not a little concerned about what would come next.

Needless to say, there was an extremely divided opinion as to our streaking through town! Half the brothers were outraged and convinced that we were nothing but disrespectful jerks who needed additional work time, while the other half was laughing hysterically behind their backs, Jack included. I believe we had a bit more marching and bracing in store after that, but the initiation went on, and we were officially received into the bonds of brotherhood.

Amongst the memories of one hen, two ducks and three squawking geese, rubbing down the old paneling in the main house with lemon oil and cleaning the old kitchen from top to bottom, the “Escape from Jackson” remains the greatest symbol for me of what it meant to be a BE: individually unique, but unified in the bonds of brotherhood. I loved living in the house, and loved being a BE. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share a memory that I will keep forever.


Patrick Wininger, BE 407

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